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Munich, Germany


20130510-173411.jpgThis is the last back post and then I am all caught up from my week of no Internet. On May 4th we parted ways with Rachel as she went off to Pisa for a day before flying home to New York and we got on a train to Munich. While I very much enjoyed our time in Italy, the train ride made me realize how much of the country we missed in our short visit. The train wound through mountains, small towns, along rivers, and through vineyards confirming in my mind that another trip to Italy focusing on the countryside is a must-do in my future!

20130510-173419.jpgWe arrived in Munich rather late and after checking into our hotel decided to go down the street for a drink. Erik being ever friendly decided to find us some friends and sat down with a group of people who we wound up spending the rest of the evening with. They were 3 Germans, a sister, her brother, and his wife. They were very nice and after chatting for a while (and yes lederhosen came up in conversation at least once) they invited us to join them at a club, as the bar was closing. The music was. . . different but we had a nice time and enjoyed talking with our new friends. We finally had to bail as we were falling asleep, and made our way back to the hotel. We had a lazy day and didn’t do much as Erik had caught a virus and wasn’t feeling well. It wound up not being such a bad thing to catch up on our sleep as everything seemed to close down on Sundays.

20130510-173427.jpgThe following day we wandered around and saw a bit of the city, ate a lot of pretzels, bratwurst, and beer. We went out again that night to the same bar and wound up sitting next to a large group of people who were speaking in English and talking about the US. Erik once again made friends and we spent the next few hours talking to 2 Germans, and an Irishman. They all worked together at a company down the street and went out for a few drinks and those 3 wound up spending the rest of their night with us. They were a lot of fun and when it was time to leave, one of them, Lars, who also was the boss of the company paid our tab which was very nice of him! He went home and we went around the corner to another bar with the remaining German and the Irishman whose names I cannot remember. We again had a great night and met some wonderful people.

20130510-173437.jpgOur last day in Munich we spent exploring parks, seeing the remaining landmarks that we hadn’t gotten too, and enjoying the beer gardens before our night train to Budapest, Hungary. It was a really lovely day, one that we both agreed might be our favorite so far. The weather was beautiful and all in all everything was very relaxing. At 11:40pm we got on our night train, a night train that we believed we had a sleeper reservation for only to discover that no we did not! Luckily Erik went to explore and found us an empty cabin. We moved out of our fluorescent light normal seat car into this cabin, pulled the shades down over the window, closed the door, turned off the lights, spread out each over 3 seats, and attempted to sleep for the 9-hour trip to Budapest.



Let the European Adventure Planning Begin!


As part of my 12-month dive into the world of want and separation from the world of reality  I am planning a 45 day trip to Europe. A trip which I will do my best to document and capture on here for you all to enjoy. However, as my travelling buddy and I are struggling through the terribly difficult task of deciding between all of the places that we want to go I thought I would share our tentative plans with you and welcome any and all suggestions, opinions, thoughts, words of wisdom, and other brain waves that you might send my way.


Tentative Travel Plans

Day 1: Fly into London

Day 2-4: Explore London

Day 5-14: England and Wales Loop

Day 15-16: Brussels/Brugge, Belgium

Day 17-18: Cologne, Germany

Day 19-20: Small Villages in Italy

Day 21-25: Rome and Florence, Italy

Day 26-27: Verona, Italy

Day 28-30: Munich, Germany

Day 31-33: Budapest, Hungary

Day 34-36: Vienna, Austria

Day 37-40: Prague, Czech Republic

Day 41-45: Berlin, Germany

If anyone has any suggestions of places to see, things to do, and things not to miss, or to skip, I would be forever grateful because we leave in a little over a month and so many things are still yet to be decided. While our indecision in a lot of ways in a good thing–I don’t like to travel with a minute-by-minute plan–I would like to have a few things that we plan of seeing in each location decided before we get on the plane.

There will be more regular posts coming at you in the near future, but the last few weeks my life has been consumed with the planning of this trip, an important interview, and settling into a new relationship (yay boyfriends!) which have kept me far away from my social media sources, but I am back and ready to post with a vengeance before setting off to jet around Europe for a month and a half. So Happy March and I will be talking to you again soon!