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My thoughts on moving from the comfortable safety blanket of adolescence to the scary unknown that is adulthood.

Happy Birthday to the USA . . . and me.


Happy 4th of July, up there with my favorite holidays (mainly because it means fireworks). Now while I am a big fan of the 4th, I had a very odd Fourth of July experience yesterday that I just can not seem to shake, but in order to really understand why I feel the way I do, you need a little background information.

I grew up on Long Island, in a relatively small town. I went to school, K-8 with the same group of 100 kids. We then moved (for the most part together) to high school in Westhampton, which was a cultural smack-in-the-face, as if starting high school wasn’t stressful enough. Now while my little town was just a drive down the road from Westhampton Beach (WHB), I cannot say that it was somewhere I went before 9th grade. Since then however—up until this summer—I have practically lived there.

Now I would like to believe that rather than avoiding WHB, I was simply too busy working to have time to be there this summer, but that is not the case. I have been known to drive 15-minutes for the sole purpose of getting coffee from my 7-11 in WHB. Gone are those days and today I realized the reason why.

We have a term here in the hamptons for the summer people, cidiots, and today as I rode the train back from work in Manhattan—in a train full of cidiots all sporting catalog Raulf Lauren beach attire and dragging multiple rolling luggage items—I realized that I have become a cidiot in reverse.

20130704-233512.jpgI am practically one of them. I, at least wear normal clothes and treat people with consideration and respect, which in all my WHB experience cannot be said for the typical cidiot summer crowd. All day on the 3rd (my birthday) I was passing people with rolling luggage in the city, and it took me until I was about half way home on the train to realize that all those people struggling to lug around not only a roller bag, but a Vera Bradley as well were in fact headed east for the weekend. Now maybe Europe changed my world view, or maybe I just live my life differently from them but I can pack for a weekend in a large purse. If I am bringing a roller bag you can bet that wherever I am going, I will be there for a week or more.

Well, despite the influx of city people, I had a very nice 4th. I went to the beach, had dinner at a friends, and watched the fireworks, before coming home to write to you. I hope you enjoyed the day!


And I’m back!


I apologize for being absent for so long, but once again the chaos of life has caught me under her wing. A few weeks ago (when I disappeared from the Internet) I had a very big, exciting week—I started two jobs and the life of an adult working 6 (sometimes 7) days a week has been my existence ever since.

I am currently working at a North Fork winery in their tasting room as well as completing an internship at a publishing house in Manhattan. Between the two, plus the commute, my free time is rather sparse these days, but such is the life of a struggling college grad/wannabe adult, right?

Now this is going to be a short one, because my to-do list seems to be ever-growing and I need to check at least one item off it tonight, but in these past few weeks there are a few things I have learned about what it really means to be an adult that I wanted to share:

  1. Tired has a whole new meaning. I am ALWAY tired, and not necessarily in a bad way, it is just one of those things that is always there, constantly itching at my eyeballs. Everyone said take naps in college because that is the last time you will have the time, and man it is true! I was always an 8-hour a night kind of girl and now I consider myself content with 6.
  2. Money is ALWAYS on the brain. I understood coming into this whole “adult” thing that being broke was part of the job description, and I was ready for that. What I didn’t anticipate though, was just how often I would find my mind wandering back to my budget and bank balance in the middle of the day. Gone are the days of staring out the window in class, now as I am looking at my computer screen at work my weekly budget is running through the back of my mind.
  3. Alcohol has new importance. I’ve never been one who really understood all the hype over 5 o’clock, but I now understand why so many songs have been written about that lovely time of day. Not only is it the hour to push back from your desk and head home (or at least start considering when you can go home) it is the earliest hour of the day Monday—Friday when having a cocktail in hand is not only accepted but practically expected. I have a whole new appreciation for the after work beverage.
  4. Living for the weekend. When you are working a full-time job there are only so many hours Monday—Friday outside of work, leaving Saturday and Sunday for your entertaining/social/fun/errand-runnning days. Now that we do not live with all of our friends within walking distance, social engagements and outings must be planned and coordinated in advance. Gone are the days of spontaneous parties and get-togethers.
  5. I am one of them. At first it was unsettling, the newfound respect strangers paid me on my way to and from work, but it is like I have entered an exclusive club of strangers and we are all in on a secret that the rest of the world isn’t privy to. Now maybe this isn’t the case for every aspiring adult out there, but I—being a commuter—have a unique going-to-work experience in which 60-year-old men treat me as their equal, as if I am contributing as much to the work force as they are. Now I like to believe that I am an essential component of any workplace, but in my current role as intern I am not that delusional. But when you are in business/business casual attire, no one questions your level of importance.

Cambridge, York, & Edinburgh




With 14+ hours of sleep behind us we made our way into the BEAUTIFUL town of Cambridge–a town in which I hope to one day live or at the very least spend a bit more time. The town besides the many colleges is home to countless beautiful old buildings, churches, cobblestone streets, squares, alleyways, and arcades. A river divides the historic portion of town and punts are available for hire. Although we decided to skip the punt tour, we walked along the river for quite a while and it was truly magnificent. Boats were moored along the edges and flowers blanketed the banks. It was one of the more beautiful places I have ever been!



The following day we set off further north for York and arrived 3 trains later in the walled city of York just before dinner. We checked into our hostel, The Fort Boutique Hostel, which was the nicest and most affordable hostel that I have ever seen! We were on the top floor in a mini apartment. There were 2 rooms each with 2 bunk beds and a TV, a full kitchen, and a bathroom. It was really nice and the first opportunity we have had to really cook since we arrived. Erik’s foot was bothering him so he had a rest while I went out to explore and pick up dinner. I am a weak soul and wound up coming back with Fish and Chips and beer, but it was a good meal and probably one of the cheaper dinners we had had up to that point so oh well. We were still in “Yay we are on vacation” mode and haven’t started counting pennies but we are trying when we have the chance and went out to the grocery later that night to pick up breakfast and lunch foods.


York ruins

We met a really nice girl, Olivia, an 18-year-old from Melbourne, Australia and shared a bottle of wine while we chatted about our trips and shared the information we had each researched/discovered thus far. She was a great help and gave us some great advice on what to do in York as well as on how to save money on our train trips.

York Minster

York Minster

We spent the next day exploring the town, walking atop the city wall, taking a tour of the Minster, exploring the city parks, window shopping, and walking along the river. Both of us agree that the York Minster was our favorite part of our stay and the highlight of the trip thus far. It is an amazing and breathtaking building that took over 250 years to built and was constructed in 3 different architectural styles. I am not a religious person but walking around in the York Minster made me wish that I was, as I said at the time I have never seen a building that made me want to cry as much as this one did. It was an incredible experience and not one that either of us are soon to forget!

York Wall

York Wall

We had a slight complication with our train and realized that it would be dramatically cheaper to stay in York another night, so we did. Travelers Note: in the UK ALWAYS book trains at least 24 hrs ahead or the price doubles! We spent the next day walking the remaining 2 portions on the city wall, and we went on a tour of the York Brewery. Having worked this past harvest in a winery and growing up in a wine family It is safe to say that I know a fair amount about wine, but embarrassingly little about beer. It was very informative and I was surprised to see just how similar the wine and beer making processes are. We went grocery shopping again, made dinner, drank a bit of wine and relaxed a bit so we were ready to head off to Edinburgh, Scotland (a change in the original plan) in the morning.

Inside Edinburgh Castle

Inside Edinburgh Castle

We spent a few hours in the morning the following day in York before heading off. We didn’t get to Edinburgh until later in the night and decided to grab dinner at a pub and then head back to the hostel for a drink and a little pool before joining the Pub Crawl the hostel had going that night. We had a great night, met a few Brazilian girls and a guy from Malaysia while playing pool and then a few Americans, Australians, and an English guy and Canadian girl on the Pub Crawl. It was a really fun and really late night and Erik had a bit of trouble getting up in the morning. I wasn’t in much better shape but we had made plans to meet up with an American Madelyn and the Canadian girl Allegra in the morning to go sightseeing so I got up and struggled through.

Allegra with a princess crown inside the castle

Allegra with a princess crown inside the castle

Edinburgh is another beautiful city and after I got a little coffee in me, we set off for the Edinburgh Castle–a must see when in the area. We spent several hours exploring the interior of the castle, saw the Crown Jewels of Scotland, visited a number of museums about the Scottish military, went through a Prisoners of War exhibit, witnessed the cannon sounding ceremony, and walked through the royal chambers. It was all very impressive and while pricey definitely worth the cost! We the left the castle and found Erik wandering the Royal Mile (the main historic part of town) in search of us. We all went to Oink for lunch and then to The Real Mary Kings Close, a tour of the underground city that was built beneath the Royal Mile. Now I am a bit claustrophobic but it was an amazing experience and truly astounding that people lived in the terrible cramped, disease ridden conditions under the city of Edinburgh. After that it was off to the Scotch Whiskey Experience where Madelyn, Erik, and I learned how whiskey was made viewed the largest collection of Scottish Whiskey in the world, and had a tasking. I am not a big whiskey drinker but it was so interesting to now be able to compare whiskey, beer, and wine production. We met up with Allegra again for a pub dinner before heading back to the hostel.

Edinburgh Castle Church

Edinburgh Castle Church

Tomorrow we have a few hours in the morning before our train to Leeds and are hoping to see Tom Riddles grave (the grave that inspired Lord Voldemort’s name), the cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote most of the Harry Potter books, and the maybe anotherScottish historic site–pictures to come soon!

Erik at the Scotch Whisky Experience

Erik at the Scotch Whisky Experience

Goodbye Skiing, Hello Europe!


ImageOnce again time has gotten away from me and it has been too long since by last post, but things are about to get very exciting around here!

Yesterday marked the end of my ski season and the completion of Part Two of my year of adulthood denial. I clocked about 60 days on skis this winter and think I have had my fill for a while. Hopefully 60 days was enough to tie me over until the next time I can get on skis, probably not until Winter 2015 unfortunately, but that is life.

My season ended out strong with cold nights keeping the conditions together so we didn’t get too much melt damage and the mountain is staying open for a few more weekends which is great. It is sad to be leaving Gore Mountain after 5 years of teaching in their Ski School and 10 years of skiing at the mountain, but all good things must come to an end and I am just glad that I was able to spend as much time at the mountain as I did this winter.

Last day of skiing Winter 2012/2013Now I am back on Long Island (for the moment). I packed up the house upstate and drove home yesterday after working the morning and saying goodbye. But now that I am back at my parents house the countdown to Europe has officially begun–7 days until this girl boards a plane and heads off on what I am sure is going to be the trip of a lifetime! And while I am very excited for next week, I have quite a bit to get done before I can say goodbye to the US for 6-weeks, starting with the pile of boxes that is currently staring me down from across the room! Yesterday I packed up one house and moved into another and while I thought my packing system was very well thought out, having spent the morning unpacking and organizing I am doubting my methods. I tried to separate the things that I will be taking with me to Chicago in August but not using until then, from the things that I need for the summer, which was all well and good except for one tiny detail–I forgot to label the boxes. My time-saving plan didn’t work out quite the way I had hoped.

Note: When moving ALWAYS remember to label what is in each box! It will save you a lot of headache. 

Oh well, once the boxes are finished I can at least cross that off my to-do list which seems to never stop growing. This time next week I will be in another packing nightmare, packing and re-packing my backpacking trying to decide of I really need an extra sweater or not. Until then . . .

Spring has arrived in the Adirondacks


When did spring get here? The last few weeks have been PERFECT skiing weather–not too hot, not too cold, lots of snow, with every trail open on the mountain. Having had beautiful, wonderful ski weather for the last few weeks, followed by a snow storm Thursday night that greatly complicated my 5-hour drive up from Long Island (which became much longer), you can imagine my surprise when I arrive at the mountain today and quickly was forced to start shedding layers.

Saying that today was warm is a gross understatement. It is HOT! Down to a t-shirt, ditch the jacket, put on your sunglasses, lay out and get a tan kind of hot! I was sweating and teaching with my coat pushed up to my elbows (I am a Ski Instructor in case I have failed to mention that or if you are just joining us), my helmet was quickly discarded along with my gloves, and any other nonessential clothing items. The mountain staff was collectively stripping as the day progressed and by noon we all down to just t-shirts under our unzipped coats.


Windows Down Leaving the Slopes

Now I enjoy a nice sunny day as much as the next person, and I know the groundhog said spring was coming early, and spring officially begins in 11 days, and blah blah, blah but you can’t have snow one day and 52 degree weather the next. Thats just NOT real life! Unfortunately that is my reality. While thursday night I could barely see 5 feet in front of my windshield there was so much snow falling, this afternoon I drove back from the mountain with my windows down and the AC on. It is a funny world we live in, and one in which apparently spring skiing has arrived and looks like it is here to stay based on this weeks weather report of 50s and rain, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for winter to stick around for just a little bit longer!

Let the European Adventure Planning Begin!


As part of my 12-month dive into the world of want and separation from the world of reality  I am planning a 45 day trip to Europe. A trip which I will do my best to document and capture on here for you all to enjoy. However, as my travelling buddy and I are struggling through the terribly difficult task of deciding between all of the places that we want to go I thought I would share our tentative plans with you and welcome any and all suggestions, opinions, thoughts, words of wisdom, and other brain waves that you might send my way.


Tentative Travel Plans

Day 1: Fly into London

Day 2-4: Explore London

Day 5-14: England and Wales Loop

Day 15-16: Brussels/Brugge, Belgium

Day 17-18: Cologne, Germany

Day 19-20: Small Villages in Italy

Day 21-25: Rome and Florence, Italy

Day 26-27: Verona, Italy

Day 28-30: Munich, Germany

Day 31-33: Budapest, Hungary

Day 34-36: Vienna, Austria

Day 37-40: Prague, Czech Republic

Day 41-45: Berlin, Germany

If anyone has any suggestions of places to see, things to do, and things not to miss, or to skip, I would be forever grateful because we leave in a little over a month and so many things are still yet to be decided. While our indecision in a lot of ways in a good thing–I don’t like to travel with a minute-by-minute plan–I would like to have a few things that we plan of seeing in each location decided before we get on the plane.

There will be more regular posts coming at you in the near future, but the last few weeks my life has been consumed with the planning of this trip, an important interview, and settling into a new relationship (yay boyfriends!) which have kept me far away from my social media sources, but I am back and ready to post with a vengeance before setting off to jet around Europe for a month and a half. So Happy March and I will be talking to you again soon!

Happy February 14th!


ImageHello all of you love birds, hopeless romantics, and fellow singles out there. It is February 14th and we all know what that means . . . the Dreaded Valentines Day!

I don’t think I am alone in is saying that  have never had a really good Valentines Day, although I honestly can’t say that I have had a really bad one either. But in honor of this day despised or cherished by so many, I thought I would share a few of my Valentines Day stories:

Middle School, 5th grade:

I was a particularly shy child and throughout the course of Middle School I had a grand total of 3 crushes. The second in this series encompassed my brain for the better part of 2nd to 7th grade, making what I am about to tell you all the sadder. It was a day or two before Valentines Day and my crush (one of the most popular boys in my grade) surrounded by his group of friends approached  (at the time it felt like they cornered) me in the hallway. The said dreamy boy asked me if I liked him, to which responded by starting to laugh, turning bright red, saying NO very loudly, and quickly walk/running away. Little did I know at the time but found out the next day from one of my friends that he in fact liked me. Cue sad music. Oh the dramas of Middle School, being the shy stupid little girl that I was, I decided I was too embarrassed to correct the situation and continued to write his name in hearts on my notebooks for the next 2 years before finally coming to my senses and moving on with my life.

Freshman Year of High School:

Now this story could have had a happy ending if the course of events was a tiny bit less creepy, I hadn’t half thought it was a sick joke, and wasn’t breaking the girl code–so really this one was doomed from the start. My elementary/middle school merged with another few towns for high school, introducing the girls from my small town to a much larger pool of boys. One of these boys (who we will refer to as “S”) who sat in front of me in my freshman seminar class and was constantly telling jokes and caught my attention immediately. Unfortunately another girl  “C” who I became good friends with was his best friend and she had a MAJOR crush on him. Well with the unfortunate nature of the situation obvious to everyone who knew S, C, and me it was no surprise when neither S or I acted upon our mutual feelings, that is until Valentines Day. That morning S showed up to school with a giant red teddy bear and a big box of chocolates. I saw him walking through the hallways and I assumed he was finally going to ask C out, as she had been hinting to me that something was going on with them for a few weeks. Well nope, he walked over to me, threw them in my face, turned almost the color of the bear and ran away. Our class together was only first semester so I normally didn’t see him during the day but that day he seemed to be standing around every corner. We never spoke again.

Freshman Year of College:

My high school boyfriend who I was still dating long-distance–he went to school in Boston while I was in Michigan–flew out for the weekend. We had a nice weekend. We got dressed up, went out to a nice sushi restaurant, and walked back to my dorm along the river. Just as we returned to my room, I got a phone call from my best friend asking me where the campus police station was? It turns out that while I had been distracted, having my first Valentines Day date her boyfriend had been arrested and spent the better part of the day in jail for intoxication while she frantically tried to find out what happened to him as he wasn’t responding to calls or texts. She spent the rest of her Valentines Day sitting in the campus jail waiting for him to sober up enough to be released. She told me not to come wait with her, which I felt guilty about for the rest of the night, and our nice weekend took a turn.

My First Valentines Day School-Free:

Today is my first “real life” Valentines Day and I must saying living in the remote, isolated place that I currently do I can’t help but notice how much nicer Valentines Day is when there aren’t a million people around shoving their bliss or misery down your throat! My dad was nice enough to have flowers delivered to me yesterday which was really sweet and I have spent the day cleaning the house in preparation for my family and some friends to arrive tonight, who are

Don't let Valentines Day get you down!

Don’t let Valentines Day get you down!

going to take me out to dinner. Now isn’t that what Valentines Day is about, spending a nice quiet day with people who are important in your life? All of the chocolates and flowers and cards and over-the-top holiday madness only results in too high expectations and disappointment. My advice for ensuring that you enjoy future Valentines Days (unless you are one of those people who always has amazing Feb 14ths in which case tell us your secrets!)–take the pressure off. It is just another day. If you have a special person in your life that’s great, but it’s no reason to drive both of you crazy coming up with special gifts and moments! And if your single whats the trouble? Valentines Day is about being with the people you love, not just your significant other. Don’t let al the fuss and unrealistic expectations ruin your February 14th!

If you have disaster Valentines Day stories feel free to share in comments below!

Babies on the Brain!


My mantra of the day

Have you ever woken up from a dream convince that it was all true? I had a dream so vivid and thoroughly cued in to my thoughts the last few days that it has taken me the better part of today to convince myself that it was not real and that I am in fact absolutely, 100% NOT pregnant!

I was back in Florida, staying at a lovely (I am assuming rented because I would never be caught dead living somewhere as hot and humid as Florida) house, visiting for my Grandparents anniversary. My entire family was there, my uncles, aunt, cousins, the whole lot of us at a nice luncheon at my grandparents clubhouse with a few of their close friends. It was all very elegant and beautiful and there I am in the middle of the group with my 8-month old son who is looking absolutely adorable with his jet black head of hair and bright blue eyes in a little suit, complete with bow-tie. All the while my Grandpa is fussing with the little boy while my Grandma tells me that I am too young to have children and that I should be out exploring the world and living my life rather than staying at home, working a boring job, and raising a child by myself. At the end of the party I head back to my rented house with my son who keeps changing back and forth from an adorable 8-month old to a chatty and opinionated 4-year old. When I finally get him to sleep (back as a 8-month old) I relax on the couch and call up my friend who has asked me to carry her child because she cannot get pregnant. I have said I would and she is chatting on about how she cannot wait for her little girl to be born in 3 months. I look down at my stomach and see nothing more than what I have been calling “a little bloating” and suddenly remember that I am 6-months pregnant with her daughter. I was barely showing and had completely forgotten that I was pregnant! Just as I am panicking that I am going to have to tell her I forgot I was pregnant and that her child may be deformed from the excessive amount of coffee I consume along with my regular glass of wine I woke up, rushed to the bathroom, and proceeded to stare at what currently I am referring to as my “a little bloated” stomach.

For the next–well I am not going to admit how long is was–I stood there staring at my stomach in the mirror, repeating to myself “I am not pregnant! I am not pregnant! I AM NOT PREGNANT!” Now if waking up and spending the better part of your morning convincing yourself that your pregnancy was only a dream isn’t bad enough, I went grocery shopping this afternoon and wound up following a young mom who wasn’t much older than me around and around the store imagining myself as her and the little boy sitting in the cart as the son from my dream.


I’m not one of those girls, aside from thinking they are adorable I really don’t give much thought to babies.

Now before you go on thinking that I am crazy and a little too mommy-minded, let me just say that, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Just last week when I was in Florida my Grandma and I had a long conversation about marriage and babies in which I told her that I don’t want to even start thinking about either of those two until I am 26 and would not consider acting on either of them until I am at least 28. As I told her then and as I firmly believe, there is just too much I want to do first to be thinking about boys or babies or marriage or even settling down for that matter!

I have been trying to convince my mother and myself for years that I don’t want to ever give birth (I say trying because she, I, and everyone who has ever met me knows that I will have kids one day). I keep saying that I want to adopt and I absolutely do, but let’s be honest for a moment here, I want to have a baby the “old-fashioned way” too, what girl doesn’t?

However, as I said earlier I really don’t want to even start thinking about any of this for another 5 years so why are baby boys, baby bumps, and blue bottles filling my head at night?! I am 21-years-old, perpetually single, with no longterm employment plan, and with a sever case of wanderlust. Babies just don’t exist in that equation. One day I hope they do but for the next 5-10 maybe not . . .

Any thoughts on what my dream means other than the fact that I need to stop eating chocolate before bed and maybe I am spending too much time with adorable (and sometimes annoying) children at work? Has anyone else had super vivid baby dreams? This is my first and I am freaking out a little, all I can think about is Juno.

MIA no longer!


Well I have now been MIA for a month and I am happy to say that I have completed my holiday goal, no blogging for a month in hopes that it will make me a more regular blogger moving forward. This is perhaps a goal that I should have shared with all of you lovely readers BEFORE I decided to disappear for the better half of December and most of January but alas I did not and here we are a month later and hopefully a few of you will continue reading moving forward into 2013!

Teaching my Friends to Ski

Teaching my Friends to Ski

It has been a busy month and to say that this 30 day disappearance had nothing to do with how insanely busy I have been lately would be a downright lie. Around the holidays we all get super busy but as a ski instructor add working everyday to that holiday To-Do List and you wind up with a very busy and very tired me.  Given that I have been teaching for a few years now I am used to working every day of my winter break, but when you are not in school and you are just subjecting yourself to a week of physical and mental strain without any breaks and all while having to entertain your family for the holidays a girl gets tired! Now I don’t want to complain because I love teaching skiing and I love everything about the Christmas/New Year holiday but it would just be nice if they put an extra few days in between the two for some sleep!

New Years

New Years

To ring in the New Year two of my best friends from Michigan State came out to visit for a week and in true fashion we celebrated Spartan style! The two of them learned how to ski; we hit the hot tub, went local bar hopping, went up to Lake Placid for a day, went to a casino (my first time gambling and I made money!), made an elaborate New Years dinner, and of course did quite a bit of alcoholic consumption! It was a great week and the first time I have actually “celebrated” New Years oddly enough.

Sangria on New Years Eve

We made the BEST sangria and so I am going to share the secrets:

1 bottle Prosecco

1 bottle pink Moscato

4 TBS Raspberry Pucker

1 mango – diced

Raspberries (plus frozen berries in the glasses instead of ice)


Downtown Telluride

With the New Years week at an end my family and I set off for a week of skiing in the lovely Telluride, Colorado. The town and mountain were truly breath-taking but no week of skiing is complete without its share of unexpected disasters. Now there weren’t any avalanches or anything like that, although we were awoken a few mornings by avalanche guns, no our disasters were on a smaller scale. The first and most traumatizing (I think for all of us, but definitely me) was the 20-person pond-skimmer of a plane that took us from Denver to the town of Telluride.  Now let me just say that I am well seasoned when it comes to travelling, not to brag or anything but I have been on more than my share of planes, my family has never been the drive to Florida kind, we fly! So getting onto this plane I felt fine, I am not afraid of flying or anything but the second that door closed I knew this was not going to be a normal flight. I can count on one hand the number of situations that have caused me to honestly think, “I am going to die,” that flight was definitely one of them!  But we survived and emerged only slightly still shaking into the lovely town of Telluride.


The view slope-side

The first day we spent mainly exploring the town and then it was finally time to hit the snow and we skied most of the open terrain. We had a great lunch at an out-door restaurant atop one of the peaks and had a fantastic first day, from there it all went downhill. Day 2 my sister fell snowboarding and broke her tailbone, and Day 3 I came down with the flu and so the two of us didn’t have quite the ski week we planned but my parents skied like crazy and had a fantastic time. I got one more day in before we went home but it was a bit disappointing, my first ski trip out west and I spent most of it on the couch. Oh well.

Now I am back upstate and back to work for MLK weekend! It’s proving to be quite the busy one!

Getting Too Old for This


I couldn’t shake the funny feeling being back in college, it was even more so being at a school other than my own. I spent the last few days celebrating one of my best friends, Rachel’s 21st birthday! This is the first 21st that I have celebrated as I put up such a poor show at my own—I have decided that mine does not count as a true 21st celebration at all. But back to the weekend at hand, being the all around theme for this year and for the rest of my life for that matter, this weekend was full of firsts for me, some expected and some otherwise.

welcome_to_boston_2_251121851_stdFor starters I drove to Boston, I did not make a plan for my trip, I left my car in the hands of a stranger for the weekend, and attended an opera, this all in the first few hours of arriving! The opera was my favorite of this particular list of firsts. I have always enjoyed theatre, especially the production side, as I stage-managed while in high school, which is where I met Rachel my Stage Management majoring friend, and the stage manager for this particular show. She has been telling me for years how wonderful operas are and as much as I wanted to believe her I never could bring myself to. I just couldn’t see how I was going to understand and appreciate watching a show in a language I can’t speak. Being the writing major and book lover that I am as well as the hopeless romantic why I thought words had to be spoken in English rather than French or Italian to carry a message that I could comprehend who knows, but this is not the first nor I am sure will it be the last that I am so utterly and completely wrong. I was brought near to tears by the universal translation of love and longing brought to life by the performers. Love is a language not of words.

At the Boston Museum of FIne Arts--my unexpected favorite

At the Boston Museum of FIne Arts–my unexpected favorite

Art museums have always puzzled me. Am I that unappreciative and uncultured? Am I the only one who walks through an art exhibit and notices first the frames rather than what lies within them? I cannot be the only one who put ill at ease by the utter silence nor the only one who believes that art needs room to breathe. I have always found art exhibits and museums confining and constrictive. I want to experience art, not view it from behind glass, but regardless of all of this I went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts while Rachel went to work for a few hours and did stumble upon a piece or two that did move me.

Rachel first legal drink!

Rachels first legal drink!

With work and museums out-of-the-way the birthday celebration began with a trip to Harvard Square, the Worlds Only Curious George Store, and the purchase of Rachel’s first legal drink at lunch! The festivities continued later that night at the local bar where we met up with a bunch of Rachel’s friends for margaritas, nachos, and tequila shots! Now my dear friend Rachel is quite petite at all of 110 pounds but that girl can hold her own! After, well lets just say quite a bit more than I could drink and still form coherent thoughts we stumbled our way home, quite the celebration success!

Rachel somehow managed to get up and to class, with absolutely no hangover by 9am which I think is quite impressive! I on the other hand slept in and after lunch with her once she returned from class, made my way back to NY where I have been sleeping and watching movies ever since. As much as it pains me to say it all I kept thinking was, I am getting too old for this. And how sad is that, at 21 how can I be too old for anything?! And the truth of the matter is I’m not, it just sure as hell feels like it after being out of school for 7 months.