Happy Birthday to the USA . . . and me.


Happy 4th of July, up there with my favorite holidays (mainly because it means fireworks). Now while I am a big fan of the 4th, I had a very odd Fourth of July experience yesterday that I just can not seem to shake, but in order to really understand why I feel the way I do, you need a little background information.

I grew up on Long Island, in a relatively small town. I went to school, K-8 with the same group of 100 kids. We then moved (for the most part together) to high school in Westhampton, which was a cultural smack-in-the-face, as if starting high school wasn’t stressful enough. Now while my little town was just a drive down the road from Westhampton Beach (WHB), I cannot say that it was somewhere I went before 9th grade. Since then however—up until this summer—I have practically lived there.

Now I would like to believe that rather than avoiding WHB, I was simply too busy working to have time to be there this summer, but that is not the case. I have been known to drive 15-minutes for the sole purpose of getting coffee from my 7-11 in WHB. Gone are those days and today I realized the reason why.

We have a term here in the hamptons for the summer people, cidiots, and today as I rode the train back from work in Manhattan—in a train full of cidiots all sporting catalog Raulf Lauren beach attire and dragging multiple rolling luggage items—I realized that I have become a cidiot in reverse.

20130704-233512.jpgI am practically one of them. I, at least wear normal clothes and treat people with consideration and respect, which in all my WHB experience cannot be said for the typical cidiot summer crowd. All day on the 3rd (my birthday) I was passing people with rolling luggage in the city, and it took me until I was about half way home on the train to realize that all those people struggling to lug around not only a roller bag, but a Vera Bradley as well were in fact headed east for the weekend. Now maybe Europe changed my world view, or maybe I just live my life differently from them but I can pack for a weekend in a large purse. If I am bringing a roller bag you can bet that wherever I am going, I will be there for a week or more.

Well, despite the influx of city people, I had a very nice 4th. I went to the beach, had dinner at a friends, and watched the fireworks, before coming home to write to you. I hope you enjoyed the day!


About Shelby

Shelby is a recent graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Professional Writing focusing of Editing and Publishing. A native New Yorker from the eastern end of Long Island, she is spending her first post-college year working at a winery in the fall, teaching skiing over the winter, traveling in the spring, all while exploring the world of writing. She loves books, baking, holidays, being outside, exploring, and drinking ridiculous amount of coffee and tea.

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