Spring has arrived in the Adirondacks


When did spring get here? The last few weeks have been PERFECT skiing weather–not too hot, not too cold, lots of snow, with every trail open on the mountain. Having had beautiful, wonderful ski weather for the last few weeks, followed by a snow storm Thursday night that greatly complicated my 5-hour drive up from Long Island (which became much longer), you can imagine my surprise when I arrive at the mountain today and quickly was forced to start shedding layers.

Saying that today was warm is a gross understatement. It is HOT! Down to a t-shirt, ditch the jacket, put on your sunglasses, lay out and get a tan kind of hot! I was sweating and teaching with my coat pushed up to my elbows (I am a Ski Instructor in case I have failed to mention that or if you are just joining us), my helmet was quickly discarded along with my gloves, and any other nonessential clothing items. The mountain staff was collectively stripping as the day progressed and by noon we all down to just t-shirts under our unzipped coats.


Windows Down Leaving the Slopes

Now I enjoy a nice sunny day as much as the next person, and I know the groundhog said spring was coming early, and spring officially begins in 11 days, and blah blah, blah but you can’t have snow one day and 52 degree weather the next. Thats just NOT real life! Unfortunately that is my reality. While thursday night I could barely see 5 feet in front of my windshield there was so much snow falling, this afternoon I drove back from the mountain with my windows down and the AC on. It is a funny world we live in, and one in which apparently spring skiing has arrived and looks like it is here to stay based on this weeks weather report of 50s and rain, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for winter to stick around for just a little bit longer!


About Shelby

Shelby is a recent graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Professional Writing focusing of Editing and Publishing. A native New Yorker from the eastern end of Long Island, she is spending her first post-college year working at a winery in the fall, teaching skiing over the winter, traveling in the spring, all while exploring the world of writing. She loves books, baking, holidays, being outside, exploring, and drinking ridiculous amount of coffee and tea.

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