Excuses Excuses


Okay so I am a little terrible at this whole “consistency in writing” thing–if you hadn’t noticed. I am working on it I really am, but please just continue to be patient with me. It’s a lot harder than it looks! I have a bit of trouble pausing my adventures to write about them, it is so much more fun (for me) to live them all the way through and then come back and fill you in . . . which is what I will be doing later this week on my adventure in Florida and the exciting ski news of the weekend!

Okay but as it is Monday and I didn’t quite get to it last week, here is the Monday List I owe you (and I think #1 explains last week)

The Top 6 Reasons Why it is Okay to Skip a Blog Post:

  1. You are enjoying sunny Florida (or another wonderful place) in the middle of February (or any other time) and are too caught up in all the beautiful and wonderful things around you to pause life and go sit at your computer for 30+ minutes.
  2. You are tired and need to take a nap/go to bed embarrassingly early–this is the case more often that I am willing to admit and was almostImage the case tonight but I made a cup of tea and pulled it together!
  3. Your computer is dead or dying and the charger is REALLY far away!
  4. You started writing but then someone tweeted at you so you reply and then decide to see what else is happening on Twitter and then you check your email and Facebook and LinkedIn and read a few blogs and get a phone call. You decide to make some tea and while you’re at it you haven’t been on Pintrest in a few hours so you’ll just take a peek and Oops there goes the rest of your day . . .
  5. It is Monday and well, I think just the fact that it’s Monday says it all.
  6. THERE IS NO MORE COFFEE!! At which point you have serious issues to address and all blogging possibilities must be postponed until the situation is remedied and back under control!

About Shelby

Shelby is a recent graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Professional Writing focusing of Editing and Publishing. A native New Yorker from the eastern end of Long Island, she is spending her first post-college year working at a winery in the fall, teaching skiing over the winter, traveling in the spring, all while exploring the world of writing. She loves books, baking, holidays, being outside, exploring, and drinking ridiculous amount of coffee and tea.

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  1. This describes me so well.. Still currently trying to overcome my bad habit of PROCRASTINATION. The only way to stop is to just do it; but for people like me that just seems a little hard to start.

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