This last week has been BUSY in true its-almost-a-holiday-style! We had the end-of-harvest party for work on Thursday; I finished up working at the winery on Friday and, being that this is the first Thanksgiving that I am not counting down the days to the school break I must say, finishing up a job right before Thanksgiving is fantastic! And what makes it even better is that I am now essentially on winter break until April—does life get any better?! But back to my busy week–Friday night the international interns threw a beach party, Saturday my sister came home from college, yesterday I packed up my life and moved upstate, and today I begin the Thanksgiving preparations (but Turkey day will be discussed in the next post)!

Giving that I am now and possibly forever-finished working as a cellar rat, I wanted to dedicate this post as an Ode to the Winery! (And I am aware that this isn’t a true ode by definition.)

Shovelling the grape skins out of a drained red fermenter tank.

Working in a winery is kind of odd

It is not exactly a regular job.

There is no typing or sitting at a desk,

Rather you lift things and make a mess.

All day long you stand in the cold,

Going from one task to the next, doing what you are told.

Scrubbing tanks and cleaning the floor,

Sanitizing a hose then looking for more.

This is not what I thought it would be,

These last few months were sure eye-opening for me.

I thought winemaking involved lots of sipping,

You swirl and you sniff and the wine gets your mind slipping.

Now I can guarantee that barely any wine did I digest,

And the bit that I tasted wasn’t quite at its best.

Because it is a long process and a process takes time,

In the fall the grapes do not yet taste like wine.

All and all it was quite the learning experience,

And there are several processes that I still find mysterious!

But all of this wine work has taught me a bit,

While I do love wine, this kind of work is not my right fit.


Scrubbing a tank from the inside.

And while I did enjoy all of the time that I spent in the winery and I did learn a lot about the chemical and practical processes of winemaking, I think the most important lesson that I learned from this experience is that this is not the career path for me–which I already knew but it was nice to have it confirmed. I (like so many other people I know) have so many different passions and things that we love, it is nice to be able to cross off one aspect of one of my passions from my very long list of possible future career paths. And while I will never be a winemaker, there is nothing to stop me from being a wine writer, or critic, or simply just a wine lover!

An Ode to the Winery


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