As a friend of mine recently stated, “I am officially no longer a poor college student. Now I am just poor.” While he came to that realization a while ago, I am sad to say that it took me until today to finally discover the truth of that statement.

Tuesdays are my only day off at the moment and since I needed to drive upstate for a Ski Instructor meeting last week, this Tuesday is my first day off in two weeks, and let me say that it is a much-needed break! So being the responsible adult that I am, what do I do after waking up disappointingly early at 7:30am? I decide to pay my bills and balance my checkbook–thrilling I know! And during this early morning adventure into my finances I realized that the funds are rather low. Now this was really not a surprise when you factor in my loan, ever rising gas prices, and my bills, but what did surprise me was that as I was looking at that ever decreasing number I caught myself rationalizing with, “I’m in college I am supposed to be broke.” But the sad truth of the matter is, no I am not. And after 21 years of avoiding and breaking budgets it may finally be time for me to make one and commit.

So I need to make a budget . . . let me make some tea, go out to lunch, fill up my gas tank, go on Facebook, read the last 24 hours of tweets on my feed, play bubble shooter, make another cup of tea, oh look Boy Meets World is on, and where do I finally wind up when avoiding making a budget? Pintrest, when I remember that me being the organized person that I am pinned something about budgets a few months ago and aha I am back to budgets and unfortunately making one. Only as all dedicated pinners such as myself know, once you go on Pintrests, several hours of unanticipated Internet wandering will commence before you get back to what you were looking for. And I found quite a few useful organization printables such as:

It is safe to say that between those and the ones that are too nerdy for me to admit to printing out I will be very organized for the next 12 months. Now all that is left is making that budget . . .  Any budget making and keeping suggestions would be appreciated. I hate thinking about money!

Money Matters


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